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Exede Internet links your computer to the Internet with a high-speed connection through one of our high-capacity satellites. Your Exede service connects your home or small office to the Internet at speeds much faster than a dial-up connection, and at speeds faster than many DSL or wireless services offer.

With the new Exede12 service, file transfer speeds may be more than 200 times faster than dial-up and can be as much as 8 times faster than a typical 1.5 Mbps DSL service. A small 30 inch satellite dish, about the same size as a satellite TV dish, and a satellite modem are all you need. ViaSat provides the equipment and our nationwide team of certified professionals will provide free standard installation.


There's nothing quite as great as getting a service that you need at the best price around, and that's why we include our very own section for Promotional deals that we run throughout the year. Whether you're a brand new customer that wants to get in on the speed and service that satellite internet can provide, or you're interested in upgrading the services that you already have to something that's got more power, we've got some exciting promotions you'll want to hear about.

Don't see a deal you like right now? We've also got e-mail updates and reminders that can tell you when a new promotion is available, and our Customer Service team can tell you about any promotions that you may be interested in as well.

Our promotions are just one part of our philosophy of connecting people with the internet at a price that they can afford, and with long term plans that will keep them connected, month after month. Instead of dealing with changing prices and surprise fees that sneak into your bill, Exede offers clear, easy to understand billing and promotional terms, as well as clear wording on our contracts. We're in the business of getting customers online, and making the entire experience as streamlined as possible. Call us today, and find out what makes Exede one of the top internet providers around.