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Finding the right internet package for your needs is not an easy task, you may have to try a number of providers before you identify one that works. Why go through all the trouble? You can simply join EXEDE for affordable high-speed internet that is backed by the latest satellite technology. You cannot go wrong with EXEDE satellite internet.



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Randy in Mojave, California
"Very fast, efficient excellent tech support always helpful and courteous."

Call Now to Order! 1-866-328-1055

Are you ready for a higher standard of internet service at an affordable price? With 24/7 customer support, and offers that you can take advantage of throughout the country, there's never been a better time to ditch your DSL or dial up, and move to the next level: Satellite internet, powered by Exede technologies. Exede uses some of the latest and most advanced satellite communications systems to deliver speeds of up to 12 Mbps, wherever you are, and whenever you need it.

With affordable plans and packages that make sure you have all of the speed, bandwidth, and additional services that your home or business needs, you'll never need to compromise between power and price again. Exede has everything you need, and more.

If you live in a location outside of cable and fibre optic internet, it's time to stop suffering through slow dial-up and DSL speeds and call Exede instead. Setup is fast, intuitive, and ready to go once all of the equipment is up and running.

Check out Exede's Plans and Packages, and you'll find even more options for speed, data plans, and even our unmetered “Free Zone” features, which we include in every plan that we offer. Whether you depend on your internet because you work from home, or because you want to be able to enjoy news, sports, and more online, Exede makes it easy, affordable, and fast.